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Do you have a short-term goal to level up your understanding of design systems? Do you want your team at work or your manager to look to you as crucial for leading the effort towards unlocking more efficiency and consistency?

Start by learning just enough to take action. Every day, I’ll send you some simple premises and a few examples to get you thinking about design systems in a different and clear way—no more than 2 minutes of reading each day. Prime your brain with fresh ideas for how you can make an impact on and with your design system.

24 days of lessons

  1. What is a design system?
  2. What isn’t a design system?
  3. Drink your own champagne
  4. Eat your own champagne
  5. Establish daily standups
  6. Gather intel and insight
  7. Evaluate maturity
  8. Calculate return on investment (ROI)
  9. Recalculate return on investment (ROI)
  10. Consolidate goals
  11. Volunteer as tribute
  12. Play together
  13. Work together
  14. Learn together
  15. Single source of whatever
  16. The beauty of design tokens
  17. The dangers of design tokens
  18. Systems of systems
  19. Broadcast your progress
  20. Design systems on purpose
  21. Motion in design systems
  22. Accessibility in design systems
  23. Wall of fame
  24. You can do it!