Thanks, Mike Davidson

Great writing from Mike really brings me back.

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I’m lucky to have gotten into web design when I did. What perhaps helped me most was blogging, both doing it myself as well as being exposed to the tremendous amount of other people doing it. Every day, someone was writing about a new CSS technique or a new design approach. I soaked it all up like a sponge.

One of my favorite sites was Mike Davidson’s. I always learned so much from what Mike was doing and saying.

Nowadays, I’m finding much less online content that’s memorable. There are a lot more people writing, podcasting, and speaking, but it all feels like noise. It all blends in.

Two days ago, Mike wrote a piece called “Three Years in San Francisco.” Reading the first few paragraphs immediately transported me to 12 years ago, when I glommed into every word. Mike’s writing is poignant, illuminating, thorough, and digestible, just like it’s always been.

Thanks, Mike, for letting me learn from you for over a decade and for helping me remember just how “great” great writing can be.

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