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December 2022

A lot has happened around here in the last month.

The big news in my professional life is that I shut down SuperFriendly, the agency I’ve run for more than a decade. Even though it was fully my own decision and choice, I’m still processing what it’s like to not have a thing I’ve had for the majority of my working years. Suddenly, everything’s awkward. My office doesn’t suit me anymore. My schedule needs rejiggering. All to say: it’s definitely a season of change.

Complementing that on the home front is the fact that my youngest daughter Charlie just turned 9. She’s a bona fide Big Kid™ now. Nine is a tough age for me to see my kids. If they’re out the door at 18 for college/travel/whatever, 9 is the midpoint. It’s the age where it tips from “I have a lot of time left with them at home” to “I have less time left with them at home than I’ve already had.” As the saying goes, “The days are long and the years are short.” All good reminders to make every minute count.

Fittingly, all of this comes at the end of the year, when I just got used to writing “2022” instead of “2021.” I guess it’s due time for some new habits anyway.

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