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New leadership for SuperBooked.

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In 2013, I shared an idea I had for better referring work around with my friend Philip Zaengle. Six months later, he came back to me with a prototype of how it might work. Without Phil, SuperBooked would still be an idea floating around in my head. We worked on it for two years and then launched SuperBooked to a small audience of friends and testers in August 2016.

But then we slowed down. Alongside making SuperBooked, I run SuperFriendly and Phil runs Zaengle Corp—and running our own shops is part of the reason we use SuperBooked ourselves. Our teams run successfully but differently, and mashing them together isn’t exactly a recipe for smooth sailing. Phil has staff that move on and off of projects based on production schedules, while my teams expand and contracts on a per project and per pipeline basis. These are neither strengths or weaknesses but operational differences that create logistical challenges when making a product together. Combine that with being (thankfully) busy with client work, and we knew we had to change something.

Instead of trying to make due with a process that’s half mine and half Phil’s, it makes more sense for one of us to step up and the other to talk a step back. As of today, Phil will become SuperBooked’s new CEO. He’s the one who’s really gotten it to this place so far, and he’s the perfect person to take it to the next level.

My role will be more of an advisor to the team. We’ll still check in frequently about the ways I think SuperBooked can get ahead of where the industry is headed. I believe in SuperBooked more than ever. I really want to see it come to fruition, and that can best happen if I get out of the way.

Thanks to all of our beta testers for the fantastic feedback and sticking with us while we figure this thing out. And if you’re keen on a better way to get and give amazing work, keep your eyes peeled for where SuperBooked goes next.

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