Wikipedia for typefaces.

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Let's say you were trying to find a serif typeface designed in France, intended to evoke the 1600s. You would need some sort of tool that housed multiple criteria per font, as well as a wealth of metadata to present accurate and relevant results. Sort of like a Wikipedia for typefaces.

Three years ago, we decided to build that site. Today, it's live. We're calling it Typedia.

Created by some of the smartest folks in the industry, I feel honored to be part of this amazing team. (And don’t miss the excellent breakdown of the logo design process by my brilliant friend and teacher, John Langdon.) Although everyone pitched in everywhere, I was largely responsible for most of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work on the site. I also did some custom Flash development in creating a file that allows us to use one instance of an embedded typeface all around the site to create type samples.

Go read Stan’s post, sign up, and be a part of this wonderful project!

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