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The Journey to a Dream Client

Take the scenic route.

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Talk About Yourself

Once you do, then they will.

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How to Get Free Mentorship from Someone You Admire

Maximize the mentorship.


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Answers to Common Design Questions

A few quick takes and hot takes about design.

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How Much of a Rascal Are You?

Make change without approval.

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How to Calculate Opportunity Profit

Make better decisions about what to say yes and no to.

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Career Paths, Ladders, and Leveling in Design Systems

We need better structure for design system roles and responsibilities.

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Should You Work in Design Systems?

Are you suited for design system work, and is it suited for you?


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Titles are Important

Don’t believe anyone that tells you otherwise.

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Time for Work

What’s the minimum amount of time we should be working per week?

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