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The Journey to a Dream Client

Take the scenic route.

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Creating Portfolio Pieces

The art behind creating portfolio pieces that convince.

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How Long Does It Take to Design a Landing Page?

A surprising answer for how long good design takes.


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A Case Study: Building an Accounting Brand & Website

The story of a small project I did earlier this year.

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Answers to Common Design Questions

A few quick takes and hot takes about design.

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Config 2023 Recap

What’s really special about in-person conferences.

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Mastering Manual and Mundane Work

Is manual work worth doing? Skip it or face head on?

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The Danger of ‘Whaddya Think?’

Get better feedback.


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The Hot Potato Process

A better way for designers and developers to truly work together.


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Work With Me to Redesign the Shop Talk Show Website

An opportunity for someone who might not have it otherwise.

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Designer + Developer Workflow

A real view into at what collaborative workflow looks like.


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Stealing Your Way to Original Designs

There’s nothing new under the sun.


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On Creative Direction

A primer on creative direction as compared to art direction and design… and what they all mean in a digital context.

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